A Day to Die 2022

Conner Connolly (Kevin Dillon) has one day to pay Tyrone Pettis (Leon) $ 2 million in compensation after killing a drug syndicate member defending parole. He is forced to assemble the staff of his old military op, led by Capt. Brice Mason (Frank Grillo), and somehow get $ 2 million before he can lose anyone in Conner. Director Wes Miller never relied on his story in any way, so before we could ever connect to a trajectory this is not the first time that one of these VOD efforts has led Bruce Willis to Turn to another actor to help lift the weight of trying performances. On him. A Day to Die enjoys such long straights, even noticeable to the general audience. As Bruce Willis grows older, his credibility as an action star continues to decline although not as quickly as he decides which films he will agree to appear in. Gently say, this movie is a disaster. All new latest movies will be available on your iPhone, you will be known by the name Flixtor Streaming, browse now.

Duration: 105 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.4