A Thousand and One 2023

Over the course of writer-director A.V. Rockwell’s feature debut A Thousand and One, he is trying to get back on her feet in Harlem after a year in Rikers prison. It is not that easy as the world is a harsh one which is compounded by the fact that he has no place to live. Taylor grasps at the luck that Inez brings with her to survive, which is also crossed by her growing desire to make a life for her son, Terry, whom she kidnaps. Desperation. Played by Aaron Kingsley Adetola, at a young age he understands a lot about what is going on around him. In a scene where Inez is getting into a confrontation as her frustrations boil over, Rockwell makes sure to draw our attention to Terry nearby on the stairs. It’s done with a light touch, but it already begins to lay the groundwork for how Bah will grow into a teenager who has to struggle as much as his parents, Not as much. Browse new movies with Flixtor.

Duration: 117 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.2