Blade of the 47 Ronin 2022

In this adaptation of the well-known tale, 47 samurai seek vengeance on Lord Asano Min Tanaka after the latter is defamed by a young Lord Akira. Half-man, half-demon Kai attempts to defend Asano’s face by engaging in combat when Akira uses magic to poison Asano’s fighter. However, Kai is not a true samurai and is simply a “half-breed,” as he is frequently referred to, thus he will inevitably be discovered. In this version of the tale, Asano’s suicide is not a voluntary act, but a capricious punishment, for the Shogun, “the lord of all Japan,” as he is baldly described in an especially tedious bit of exposition, is lenient, and so Asano is sentenced to commit seppuku rather than hang “like a common criminal.” Because of this, the ronin’s vengeance is only apparently about upholding the bushido code, as the Shogun claims; in reality, it’s about repaying the favors they have received. Although this is not a significant misreading of the plot, it does imply that the film’s writers were unable to dramatize Asano’s impersonal causes of death or his samurai’s following acts. What’s really distressing about “47 Ronin” is that its authors won’t let anything hang out. Theoretically, they’ve incorporated a lot of entertaining, extravagant fantasy aspects. A bunch of strong-willed men has their bro-many tested by various monsters in this sub-“Lord of the Rings” fantasy movie. Watch as Mika, the daughter of Asano and Kai’s lover, is coyly seduced and attempted to be force-fed by a witch with hair reminiscent of Medusa. In addition, you’ll see a villain referred to as a “Lovecraftian samurai,” Reeves repelling a dragon fire blast with an enchanted sword, and bird-men/monks attacking samurai in a forest temple. Such activities ought to be enjoyable. It’s not, somehow.Flixtor to where specialist Hollywood movies and tv series can be viewed. There are no costs whatsoever. Watch free HD Quality Movies.

Duration: 105 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.0