Blowback 2022

Blowback 2022 is a film that begins somewhere in the middle of the story before being cut back. In this case, the beginning is Nick (Cam Gigandet) playing chess with his hospitalized daughter. He needs an experimental and expensive treatment to save his life. But a rideshare driver’s paycheck won’t cover it. Fortunately, he is not at all honest with people and knows some people if you know what I mean. He finds a lead on some very expensive thumb drives being held at a local bank and decides to stop a burglary. He makes a big mistake from the start and includes his ex Veronica (Michele Plaia) and his current husband Jack (Randy Couture). No one ever gets better with this kind of action. New films that are in the list of your favorite folder, but you are not getting them on the internet to watch online, Now visit FMovies and search for the title here you can find them and watch free of cost too.

Duration: 93 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.2