Bodies Bodies Bodies 2022

The movie happens when a group of wealthy 20-somethings plans a storming party at a remote family mansion. So a party game goes awry in this fresh and fun look at backstabbing and fake friends. And a party that goes terribly wrong. It is further shown that success is the same as the visuals. And in which the region creates the world. In which all the spoiled youth live. There is, of course, “gaslighting” to “ally”. And a lot of trendy buzzwords are thrown around by these guys. Those who spend their whole life socially digitally. And in “Body Bodies Bodies” these words add up to much more than just empty box-ticking. and guided by an insightful script. who does not have their persons as strawmen? Rather work overtime to portray themselves as members of real flesh and blood. First and foremost you’re intoxicated by their organic chemistry and know them well. After a while, you start questioning how well you really know them. As can happen from time to time with your close friends also. And the funny thing is that your struggle is completely shared by the players. Because they try to find out. Who does that killer? Watch the latest Hollywood movies and tv series on Flixtor Free Movies. Here you do not face any problem in watching the whole movie easily.

Duration: 94 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.7