Breaking 2022

The film “Breaking” is told about a person’s power to recognize a desperate situation. they took a bank hostage in 2017 with a bomb in his bag. The film presents Brown-Easley from the very beginning. Because someone has pushed him into such action. And the “thrill” of this movie is pretty much exactly that – we see a guy who doesn’t want to hurt anyone as he fights to be seen. Breaking is more or less a tribute to him. Is made possible by an incredible human leadership display from John Boyega. So Brian ends up making himself a big target. While still inspired by these circumstances keeps making him feel small. Plus he’s told to always be on the line when trying to get a 9-1-1 dispatch to send the police. There is no hassle in what he does. Even when his outright anger doesn’t turn into screaming and crying in fear. But feel that they have to do it anyway. It becomes more and more clear how much of the Boyega is placed in the right third of the camera’s frame. He does not dominate one scene but keeps trying to reach the next one. To watch more of such latest Hollywood movies, you get to watch Full HD movies without any subscription on the Flixtor to website.

Duration: 103 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.8