Brian and Charles 2022

It’s Charles (Chris Hayward), a latter-day Tin Man with mismatched body parts and a glitchy Max Headroom voice that wouldn’t look out of place in a Wallace and Gromit animation. “I’m your friend,” declares Charles, whose feet are made to dance and who wonders at the world around him strangely misses him. The young man left the room. Brian thinks it best to keep Charles a secret from the locals, and so the pair spend their days playing darts, cooking cabbage, riding bikes, having pillow fights, and watching TV travel shows. spend in Charles likes to go places like “Hono-Loop-Loop”. It’s a blissful existence, happily captured in a montage of the Turtles playing Happy Together. All too soon, however, electronic adolescence sets in and Charles begins to resemble a wandering teenager, albeit one whose small head looks like a cynical professor and whose sardonic manner will resonate with anyone who has Elderly relatives who have experienced being victims of strange fuel. of Alzheimer’s. Brian and Charles’ characters emerged from an Internet radio show and a live standup act that spawned an eye-catching short film in 2017. In that original screen incarnation, Brian only created real narrative tension after locking Charles in a shed. before sending him to live under a tree, robbing him of a prize cabbage – a decision he regrets almost immediately. As for the feature, there is clearly a need to increase the dramatic precedent. Thus we are introduced to local bully and bonfire-builder Eddie Tommington (Jamie Michie) whose family terrorizes the neighborhood and Hazel (Louise Brealey), a lovelorn spirit who lives with her domineering mother and a talking parrot, and whose company Charles instinctively encourages Brian to court, with tenderly touching results. The brand that doesn’t need any introduction is FMovies, you are very welcome to enjoy 2022 released films.

Duration: 90 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.8