Catherine Called Birdy 2022

Catherine Called Birdy 2022, 13th-century teenager Lady Catherine (Bella Ramsey), often known as Birdy, fights against her father Sir Rollo, and faces misogyny as he wants to marry her off to a wealthy and vicious man in the medieval English village of Stonebridge. Birdy conceals the information from her father as long as she can as she begins her monthlies with the help of her nurse Morwenna. The last thing Lady Aislinn’s devoted daughter Birdy wants to do is get married and have children after witnessing her mom go through six pregnancies that ended in stillbirth. However, because of the Lord’s extravagant spending, Birdy must be wed to the highest bidder in order to keep the estate financially afloat. From there, we watch as Birdy deceives each potential suitor while secretly yearning for her Uncle George, the only decent man she is aware of. That is, until Shaggy Beard, a cunning rich man who finds Birdy’s deception enticing, proposes to her. Birdy watches as her friend Aelis marries off to Duke, a nine-year-old boy, while George finds love with the quirky but wealthy widow Ethelfritha as she tries to find a way out of her situation. Dunham is aware that most marriages during this time were motivated by money. Women were exchanged for titles, land, and other things. Stream Online Latest Hollywood Movies And Tv Series On Flixtor. Watch any newly released film for free online.

Duration: 108 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.1