Christmas Bloody Christmas 2022

Genre filmmakers and distributors capitalize on the season with horror-themed Christmas movies. Adding to this is the corpus of movies about Santas that are not only bad but positively wicked. Christmas Bloody Christmas centers its plot around an animatronic toy-shop Santa Claus robot. Who suddenly develops a murderous instinct. Before the mayhem begins, however, the film ends with record-store owner Tori and her employee-friend Robbie. Two likable quiet kids have opinions on all kinds of band movies and leisure activities. On which they used to fight continuously. In fact, their fluent, lively dialogue and bubbly flirtation feel surprisingly comfortable and authentic here. To the point where one is scared. That mayhem will soon begin and all conversation will turn into various types of shouting. When Tory and Robbie go to a nearby shop to meet some friends. And then go to a dive bar. So Robo-Claus comes to life. And starts killing everyone. Flixtor TV Series is a Free Series streaming site with zero ads. We let you watch movies and shows online without having to register.

Duration: 86 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.2