Clock 2023

The protagonist of Clock, a psychological horror is a woman in her thirties named Ella Patel. Due to pressure from her loved ones and society at large, Ella feels the need and urgency to fix her biological clock. Ella joins a research project run by Dr. Elizabeth Simmons, a trailblazing medical expert in order to accomplish this. Ella’s inherent concerns are brought to the surface as a result of Dr. Simmons’ method, of tormenting our protagonist. Ella begins to lose her sense of reality during the course of her treatment when something seems to have gone awry. The film explores the psychological effects of a woman’s biological need to reproduce in an unpleasant twist. However, the film ends up being an interesting watch because it examines these experiences in a way that is almost hyper-realistic while still having thriller and horror elements. Enjoy the Latest 2023 Horror Movies in HD quality on the Flixtor website.

Duration: 91 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.1