Cryo 2022

What happens when five scientists unintentionally awaken from their hyper-stasis cryo pods? In fact, if they hadn’t already perished, they would have died horribly. However, in the new futuristic sci-fi movie Cryo, where the science of cryonics is used, the characters are free to walk around for a time before discovering that a killer is chasing them in their protected underground facility. Cryo is a cloaked member of our group. As they are trapped within the bunker with no way out, they begin to think that the psychologist is one of their colleagues. To complicate matters further, they have all awoken with no recall of who they are or how long they have been in cryosleep. The latest Hollywood films that you want to watch or you are searching for are available with Flixtor Movies.

Duration: 118 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 3.8