Dead Zone 2022

The Dead Zone 2022, not to be confused with the book, movie, or TV show, Dead Zone is the latest Tubby origin to appear out of thin air. Director Hank Braxtan’s credentials include Snake Out of Compton, Dragon Soldiers, and Jurassic Hunt, so I had some optimism this time. Not exactly great movies, but definitely fun to watch. The film opens in greenish darkness as we are informed that a viral outbreak has turned most of the population into flesh-eating predators. Cities are evacuated and radiation bombs are used on zombies. So it’s another zombie apocalypse. Back to Base Tone (Antuone Torbert) talking about proposing to his lady, teammates Danner (Tarkan Dospil), Sinclair (J. Michael Weiss), and Boss (Michael Jai White). At least he is until the real boss, Master Chief Callahan (Jeff Fahey) arrives and invites them to a meeting. It seems there is a prototype vaccine, but the lab where it was developed has been overrun by zombies. Mutants who survived the radiation blast that turned the area around it into a dead zone. Sending a large force in is too dangerous, so our heroes have to do it themselves with the help of some new radiation gear and the scientist who developed it. For free and all episodes of the latest and best Web series, you can trust Flixtor TV and watch them for free.

Duration: 83 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.1