Deus 2022

In the movie, writer-director Steve Stone almost prefaces a sci-fi fan-watching party game for his “Deuce”. Which happens to be about a spacecraft sent to investigate a new sphere in orbit around Mars. You’ll see the ship’s design look like 2001 & 2010 and “Alien”. And that also provides eclectic inspiration for parts of the plot. This can be summed up by a line in how a character transmits what a character says “circle” as their identity in response to a word – deuce. Black plays the scientist on a ship attached to the girder. In Blackwood, the Skipper and O’Hara, Charlie McGeechan, Crystal Yu, and Branko Tomovic appear as the crew. They have left on Earth in mid-environmental collapse to investigate this matter that orbits Mars. Stands in class. Visitors can find a wide range of collections of TV series and movies at their fingertips on Flixtor one, Without any signup free of cost In HD Quality.

Duration: 90 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.1