Emancipation 2022

The movie “Emancipation 2022” then begins. When Peter gets hired to work in a railroad construction camp. While traveling here he happens upon the heads of black men lining the streets. and watches from the trees in the desert of the Civil War. In this the work that is waiting for him in the camp. He gets worse, here with endless floggings, beatings, brandings, and death. In this, slaves work day and night. And sleep like animals in cages. But however, the situation is very dangerous. And Peter encourages others to remember this. that God is with them. It is here that he is reminded to look at situations sharply and to question them. whether God is really here. And while working, Peter overhears Confederate soldiers Leeds and Howard talking about it. This is how President Abraham Lincoln would have freed the slaves. And the Union Army is based in Baton Rouge. In this, after listening to the news, he and other slaves would discuss the escape. But how to do this? There is no plan for this either. In this, however, when the opportunity arises. So Peter and the others watch as they run for their lives. and happens to be on their trail with hunter Jim Fussell. In this, once they reach the swamp. So they find that there are many other dangers waiting for them besides one bullet. On the Flixtor Movies site, you get to watch Hollywood films and series without any membership in full 1080p HD Quality for free.

Duration: 132 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.0