Look Both Ways 2022

Natalie (Lili Reinhart) shows Lucy (Nia Long) her portfolio, and she is given some very critical notes, saying that her work is unoriginal. She encourages him to leave to find his voice, so he does. She returns home to a friend’s baby shower with Cara (Aisha Dee), feeling like a failure. In both realities, Natalie has career success. She is accepted to the South by Southwest Film Festival where, in one reality, she sits on a panel of creators including Lucy, and in another, her short film is screened. In one reality, Natalie sees Gabe’s (Danny Ramirez) band at a bar, joining him five years later. Later, Natalie is surprised that Jake (David Corenswet) has traveled to see her short film, despite risking his job in the film. Lucy notices Natalie’s art and invites her to visit when she returns to Los Angeles. In another, Natalie and Rosie (Jacqueline Seaman) also watch Gabe’s band perform at a bar. Later, she asks him why Miranda (Amanda Knapic) isn’t at the gig. Gabe informs her that he ended the engagement because he loves her more than Miranda. Jake and Natalie are reunited in one world as they travel through the streets. In another, Gabe and Natalie have a serious conversation about how they want to develop their relationship. The two realities converge when each pair passes by Natalie’s sorority house, where she took a pregnancy test. In both realities, Natalie walks into the bathroom, looks in the mirror, and reassures herself that things are okay. Free platform Flixtor, is entertaining you with the latest Hollywood fresh movies daily, here you can also search for the latest and trending TV Shows to Watch Online.

Duration: 110 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.4