Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness 2022

However, once the pair reaches the jungle, they are caught by pygmies, innovators, block-like, and tribal pig-like animals led by the overweight king Pygmy. Considering Chickenhair a deity, King Pygmy hosts a feast for Chickenhare, Abe, and Meg, and then reveals that he plans to throw the three into his volcano as a sacrifice to his “god”, Santoro the Stoic. (Actually the rock with the pig’s nose engraved on it) In their suspended sacrificial cage, the sad, Chickenhair blames his appearance for his misfortune, but Meg tells the Chickenhair and Abe to get him out of it. Find out how her immaculate past led her to embrace her dirty nature and encourage Chickenhair to do so. The trio escapes using Chiknahara’s wings to escape from their cells and try to escape, but Chikanahara goes back in his disguise and accidentally wakes up the entire Pygmy tribe, which is in the forest of Chiknahara, Meg, and Abe. Moves forward to pursue. Fortunately, they managed to escape by falling down a ravine, which also has a path that leads to the Frosty Mountains. Chickenhair decides to heed Mag’s advice and rejects the rest of her outfit. HD FlixtorMovies is got added up with the latest animated film totally free of cost on your mobiles or laptops.

Duration: 91 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.9