Bandit 2022

The story begins in 1985, with Gilbert Galvan Jr. A lucrative career criminal escaping from an American prison in Michigan. And he crosses the border into Canada where he identifies himself with Robert Whitman. Where he assumes a new identity. He falls in love with Andrea, a caring woman he cannot provide for. Then he turns there to rob the banks. And there he discovers that he is exceptionally good at it. Every dacoity across the country is living in a different disguise. Even after she is not caught for more than 100,000 miles, Robert is still addicted to crowds and money. Which insists on giving him a double life. But he turns to lifelong gangster Tommy for a bigger investment ahead. And Tommy convinces Robert that the jewelry robbery costs more money and can take him to the biggest jobs in the country’s history. And in record time, as Robert rises to prominence, he is thrown into the direct sight of the illustrious Detective Snyders. Whose life’s job is to bring Tommy down. With the help of a special police task force, he begins a cross-country manhunt to put Canada’s most wanted bank robber behind bars. Watch the latest Hollywood movies and tv series For free on Flixtor. Here you do not face any problem in watching the whole movie and tv shows easily.

Duration: 126 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.0