Mad God 2022

The picture opens with a towering person with a jacket and a gas mask, simply known as The Assassin, diving through a bell into a shattered, horrific world. The Assassin has a map of the globe and a suitcase with a bomb, which he is supposed to destroy behind enemy lines in a desolate world. The map, however, steadily deteriorates along the trip. The Assassin captive finds victims of electronic torture and other atrocities as he continues his trek through the ruins and into shifting geographies. He eventually finds himself in a village behind enemy lines, controlled by a tiny monster with unclean teeth and squishy skin, and home to an army of anonymous, faceless drones. The Assassin stops for a time, debating whether to take an ally or not, before deciding to flee and landing in the city’s gutter, leaving one drone to be shot in order to get away from the others. Is The Assassin discovering a mound of luggage similar to his own beneath the city’s core? They carry bombs that their own bomb will detonate. The existence of a variable of the assassin’s technological design while the assassin primes his bomb and prepares to demolish it, probably beyond enemy lines with every other variable and person waiting for his death. Neglects to pay attention. As the bomb fails to detonate, the convertible leaps on the Assassin grip him and carry him away. The platform Flixtor Films is now ranking among the top reputed brands, this site is matching all of your requirements for watching 2022 releases in HD.

Duration: 83 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.0