The Long Night 2022

When Grace Covington (Scout Taylor-Compton) takes her boyfriend Jack Cabot (Nolan Gerard Funk) on a road trip to learn more about her lineage, she finds herself on an abandoned plant in the south. Jack has no patience for this part of America, but given that Grace only wants to see her parents, she can hardly object to this trip. Just when the couple is on each other’s necks, their host arrives. It was not the man on the phone who said the house he was in at the moment belonged to him, but a dead cat and half a dozen idols with hoods wearing black robes and Ram’s skulls. Grace soon finds what she was looking for in a group of cult members that might eliminate her. You may also like to watch the latest and trending Web series but all episodes on the same platform, you can browse Flixtor TV Shows and get all the episodes of trending shows free and in HD.

Duration: 91 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 3.5