Vesper 2022

The boxy hovering robot that follows Vesper (Raffiella Chapman) through the forest, issuing instructions and warnings, is her father Darius (Richard Brake), an ex-soldier, who remains paralyzed in his bed at home while his mind wanders to Vesper on his journey is accompanied by Like everything else in this film that is usually presented as inanimate, the robots have a fleshy core like the giant pulsing jellyfish-like drones that fly through the forest. When one crashes, it disfigures the mysterious Camellia (Rosy McEwen); Opportunistic suckers find him and begin feeding on his flesh until Vesper arrives to save him, risking his own life. The power structure is clear. Camellia comes from the citadel, although there are many forts. In these castles, the elite ruling classes feed on the blood of children – giving rise to a substructure of power in the forest in the form of a baby farm run by Vesper’s ruthless ‘Uncle’ Leo (Marson). He lives here with a wild, ethnic gang of his children, all unwilling donors: he exchanges their blood for seeds. When the headstrong Vesper steals something, she inadvertently sets off a chain reaction. Environmental matters are at the heart of this complex world-building: the volatility of natural energy supplies drives the drama. Concepts by Semper and Buozite, careful camerawork by Felix as Abrukaskas, clever production design by Ramunus Rastouskas and Raimondas Diceus, and music by Dan Levy conspire. Vesper is both more and less of a movie at the same time. Is this a detailed proof of concept for future iterations? One hopes: that something so delicate and well-crafted should not be left alone in the forest The site that you must add in bookmarks is Flixtor Movies, this is the easiest platform that you can rely upon for the safety of your personal details.

Duration: 112 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.2