Guardians of Time 2022

Given the fact that the first story in the collection “Guardians of Time” by SF grand master Poul Anderson, “Time Patrol,” was released in 1955 and considering the available technology at the time, that story and all the others in the collection were incredibly impressive accomplishments in addition to being a thoroughly enjoyable read. The book contains five short stories that are ordered chronologically and share the same main character. The fact that the Time Patrol was not created by humans, then, is not actually a spoiler. While the Patrol’s leaders are the Danellans, people from a very distant future who are probably our descendants, the Patrol’s agents are all humans from different historical times. Who has changed so much that they are no longer like us in both body and mind? The invention of time travel and its effects are also not truly central to the narrative. It involves decisions. Decisions are made by people. Time affects human lives in a way that revolves entirely around choices. the decision made by a tribe of prehistoric men over whether to cross land bridges and settle on other continents or remain where they were. the decision of a population to survive off of agriculture, livestock, or hunting and gathering. Just like a single dot contributes to a high-resolution printed photograph, every choice—large and small—contributes to the fabric of time.FMovies will be the best website to see in the list of the latest movies so far. Is a very different streaming platform than Movies and tv series.

Duration: 99 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.4