The Enforcer 2022

Directed by Richard Hughes in the movie “The Enforcer 2022”, the film stars Antonio Banderas as a mafia promoter named Cuda. Apart from him, Kate Bosworth will be seen starring in the film. And his female Fatale named Estelle plays the role of the boss. And whose orders he obeys. A fighter in the movie who gets into controversy at any time. He might have got a chance to do so. and strikes with the spirit of a dedicated fighter. Kuda learns about his ability after winning a battle. Which puts him on the map of influential people of the mafia’s crime circle. And he meets Estelle. who happens to offer him the role of henchman for Cuda. And he goes with it. The Enforcer (2022) may have been a pathetic attempt at making a mafia action film. It uses the style’s overdone formulas. Mostly positive by B-grade films, and occasionally by none other than the dependable Antonio Banderas. Apart from his performance, you will see that the performances are done by Callen Green and his team. Which creates a setting with its neon-filled nightscape. You can stream a selection of free top-rated movies online through Flixtor Films website. You do not need a subscription to view any of the films.

Duration: 90 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.1