Bullet Train 2022

Bullet Train 2022 is based on the novel Maria Beetle by Japanese author Kôtarô Isaka. Published in 2010, the novel is a satirical story of 5 highly trained assassins who are targeted on a bullet train traveling from Tokyo to Morioka in Iwate Prefecture. The plot has been slightly altered for the silver screen, as the killers are now traveling on the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka. However, it appears that many other plot elements of the book remain. Ladybug, played by Brad Pitt, is a hitman with terrible luck: he constantly causes death even when he doesn’t plan to. He wishes to retire, but his manager, Maria Bettle, drags him back into the game for one last assignment. His aim is to collect a briefcase from the titular bullet train. However, when he finds that there are numerous other assassins on board who want the job, the easy mission gets convoluted, resulting in horrific mayhem in a struggle to the death. The brand FMovies Co, is the popular Hollywood Movies streaming website, here you can watch movies as well as TV Shows Online free.

Duration: 152 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.5