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A company party with Julia (Maika Monroe) and Francis (Karl Glusman). During a conversation in Romanian, Julia said that Francis had made fun of her colleagues for her fears. She angrily leaves the party and climbs onto the subway, where she soon sees Daniel Weber (Burn Gorman) in an empty car nearby. When he goes to her and tries to explain to her the reasons for his wandering that he lives an isolated, restless life to take care of his father Julia sees his shopping What does the outline of a severed head in the bag look like? Julia quickly de-boarded the subway and returns to the apartment where she begins packing. He is interrupted by the sound of music playing in Irina’s apartment. When she goes to investigate, she finds Irina’s headless body, before Daniel hugs her with a plastic bag. When Julia regains consciousness, Daniel Weber (Burn Gorman) tells how he killed Irina (Madalina Anea), and when Julia and the landlady enter the apartment, she hides her body in a cupboard. Julia hears Francis (Karl Glusman) enter their apartment at the front door, but when she tries to scream, Daniel cuts her throat. Julia tries to get to Irina’s coffee table to retrieve the pistol but escapes. Daniel is lying next to her, watching as she loses consciousness. Francis calls on Julia’s cell phone, which he hears ringing inside Irina’s apartment. He walks into the hallway, where he sees Daniel coming out. He tries to stop her, but before he can, Julia who dramatized his death shoots Daniel several times, killing him. Julia walks out of Irina’s apartment covered in blood and looks at Francis. The platform that is growing its trust among the visitors day by day is Flixtor Streaming, here you are getting so many new as well as old films to watch online for free.

Duration: 91 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.6