Ip Man: The Awakening 2022

With the ninth installment of Bruce Lee’s Sifu’s journey, the narrative of the IP Man has become a never-ending one, not to mention that this trend has already begun to be referred to as an explosion. Miu Zhe, a young Wing Chun specialist, has taken up the position of the renowned Wing Chun Master this time. Let’s have a peek at him. In the IP30s, a young master from Foshan visits Hong Kong; although being highly smart and self-assured at the time, he subsequently turns out to be a decent and absolutely good guy. Upon his arrival, he witnesses a series of abduction attempts by a gang of Chinese guys inside a bus. The IP guy stops them and knocks them up, which leads to him meeting the girl’s brother, Hu Bufeng, a man who works as a porter but with the local British police as the first evidence of corruption in the city. It also belongs. As time passes and IP Man Hu develops close to Bufeng and his sister, he discovers a human trafficking organization run by Westerners in the region that targets young women who are bribed. Is backed by the police and even indigenous who have opted to participate. This revolting “attempt” to obtain more money. He will have to vanquish them all before he can once again be a hero to his people. Hollywood Flixtor Full Movies are now available for you compatible with all of your smart gadgets.

Duration: 80 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.5