Love Again 2023

Dion, a Canadian pop icon who executive produces the film, sings new songs for the soundtrack, and co-stars as herself, is Love Again 2023’s main selling point. However, the romantic entanglements between Rob and bereaved children’s book creator Mira Ray form the bulk of this overly sugary romantic comedy. Two years earlier, John, Mira’s devoted boyfriend, was struck by a car right before her eyes. This incident is depicted in the prologue of Love Again in an abrupt and unintentionally funny way. The movie follows typical rom-com conventions and is set in a clean-cut version of New York City, USA. Rob finds Mira very quickly, and they immediately fall in love thanks to their common interests. This opens them both up to new possibilities in life and love. Naturally, Rob doesn’t tell Mira that he’s been getting texts from her deceased boyfriend in order to start the clock on when his deceit would backfire on him. But because Dion is so obviously and uncomfortably forced into the plot, Love Again is revealed to be nothing more than a cheap advertising gimmick for the singer. It doesn’t help that Dion’s wise counsel eventually becomes dubious, as she advises a dejected Rob that even if his relationship with Mira is wholly founded on uncomfortable dishonesty, love just requires that “you work through it.” She then uses an odd incident about how her late husband and manager, René Angélil, lied to her at an early stage of her career to prevent her from dating anybody else to demonstrate her point. The strength of love, for sure. Stream new Hollywood cinema on Flixtor website. Watch Cinema Without any signup and ads here just enjoy your cinema.

Duration: 104

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.6