Luckiest Girl Alive 2022

“Luckiest Girl Alive” has a lot going on, which jeopardizes the movie’s successful adaptation of the book. This MeToo-influenced thriller, which Mila Kunis both produces and stars in, uncomfortably combines a mass school massacre with gender and class politics. The result is an unwieldy combination of sensitive topics in one compelling drama. As the have-it-all magazine journalist Ani FaNelli, played by Kunis, she is on the verge of getting her dream job at the New York Times and marrying her wealthy boyfriend Luke, but there is tension over whether or not her professional goals will have to be put on hold in favor of his more lucrative career. However, a documentary maker is once more posing difficult questions about the tragic school shooting that occurred when Ani was a student at the esteemed Brentley School, bringing back painful memories of the sexual assault she endured there while receiving little support from her socially ascetic mother at the time. In the constant barrage of flashbacks that plague her adult self, Chiara Aurelia plays the young Ani, whose ordeal is graphically depicted. Flixtor Free Movies, it as the top movie streaming service. Watch free latest 2022 Hollywood movies on this site.

Duration: 113 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.4