Medieval 2022

Jan Zizka, a warlord and national hero of the Czech Republic in the fifteenth century, defeated troops from both the Teutonic Order and the Holy Roman Empire. In “Medieval,” Petr Jakl’s plodding epic about the legendary Czech fighter Jan Zizka, a cast of eminent actors—including Michael Caine, Ben Foster, and Matthew Goode—plods through. But the gaping wounds and severed limbs are the real stars of the film; conversation is overshadowed by the singing of the scythe and the axe. The violence is numbingly realistic both on land and underwater. While horses are elbowed over cliffs, a man’s brain is slowly puréed with a saw inserted between his ears. Nearly no orifice is left unharmed by the film’s conclusion, the camera’s appetite for blood appearing to be insatiable. A story does, however, emerge from behind the gurgles of the dead and the clanging of chain mail: Two enmity-filled brothers are vying for the Holy Roman Empire’s throne. A powerful lord plots to have Lady Katherine, the wingman’s fiancée, abducted in order to stop the crooked sibling and his affluent wingman from winning. A melancholy mercenary named Zizka receives the assignment as operatic choirs assemble on the soundtrack, while a small empire’s worth of knights and peasants also receives it. See how painful it is for Zizka to take all these lives! — and a lame love interest/bargaining chip is served up by the clunky and bludgeoning “Medieval,” which also features a melancholy hero. Katherine is dragged from one battle to the next, unable to do much but stare, mouth open, at the carnage, occasionally rising to speak about the social injustices of the day and stuff maggots into Zizka’s recently removed eye socket. Stream the latest All Hollywood Tv Series On Flixtor TV Series Categories. Watch Free Online Movies and Tv shows In 1080p HD Quality On FMovies.

Duration: 126 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.5