Montana Story 2022

The Montana Story 2022 is a return to a period of independent cinema, with an intimate story about people involved in scenarios that might potentially happen on a huge scale, about a brother and sister dealing with sad family secrets during a road trip. Cal (Owen Teague), a young man returning to his family home to handle his dying father’s inheritance, was in a coma following a stroke. He was soon reconciled with his step-sister Erin (Haley Lu Richardson), who had been estranged from the family for years due to her father’s rebellion. Without going too far, Father’s betrayals are consistent with a history that runs through Film Noir and revisionist Westerners and merges the heritage of ancient Greek tragedy: the violence and anguish that pushed Erin away from her family. Directly linked, excluded All of this is tied to a more critical perspective of American history than is taught in most public schools. There is a lengthy, thought-provoking scene in which siblings examine an empty and entirely worthless hole in the ground that their father’s legal and business counsel assisted a mining firm in digging. Erin then educates her brother about Dante’s Inferno’s cycles of torment and relates them to their family and kingdom’s history, which is mostly superficial and unfamiliar to kids. Flixtor Free Movies collection is a Web platform for all the Hollywood Lovers, will no registration and no payments you can enjoy it online for free.

Duration: 114 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.9