My Father’s Dragon 2022

“My Father’s Dragon 2022” In this movie, he is shown struggling to cope after moving to the city with his mother. And further Elmer escapes from there in search of Wild Island and a young dragon. who further waits to be saved. Elmer’s adventures introduce him to a mysterious island of ferocious animals and lifelong friendships. Here you however find it to be a family drama carefully put together in the beginning. He does it best by creating an alternate world of My Father’s Dragon. And the premise is that the animals of a magical island are on the verge of extinction. And a local legend tells them how to save them from a deadly flood. And how could he fail to stress the urgency of saving the animals on a sinking island? Here and there, director Nora Twomey often relies on exposition. In which the characters are called continuously. That the island is sinking “rapidly”. Except when it might not happen. The film also artificially raises the stakes through exposition. Very nice to look at. Stream Online 4K HD Quality Movies and Tv Series On Flixtor App For free without any membership.

Duration: 99 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.6