Neon Lights 2022

Clay (Dana Abraham) has decided to travel off the grid. He needs to avoid the pressure of the tech company he is running. He takes the opportunity to reunite with his family, but when they begin to disappear, all hopes of becoming normal are dashed. The two performances immediately stood out. Kim Coates saves every scene as mysterious Denver. It is intimidating, disgusting, and bullying. As viewers try to work their way through plots of neon lights, quotes are a constant. Abraham is not so influential. Clay speaks in a cowardly throat that reveals the mental anguish he is going through. It’s skyrocketing and frustrating and never seems natural. The best-written character is Clay’s older brother Benny Amani (René Escobar Jr.). Dominant and insecure, he is the only character of any depth in neon lights. He may not be interesting to watch, but his motivations are clear. Neon lights are all over the place because it works really hard to keep anyone looking in the dark. It’s a mixed bag because different relationships aren’t always built effectively, but the real reason for the clay to bring everyone together is always in question. As things move forward, more layers are added. There are clues and red herrings, but it never manages to draw the audience into its rotating plot. Neon Lights lacks dynamic storytelling that will try to unravel its mysteries to the audience. As the film progresses toward the end, things finally become interesting. The plot dispels bad attempts in the wrong direction and actually serves to tell a harmonious story. It becomes silly and the final shot erases everything that was done in the last minutes, but this is also the first time viewers can follow it. The platform you always visit is Flixtor Streaming free of cost trending 2022 Hollywood Movies in the HD Full resolution Quality.

Duration: 95 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.7