Nightfire is a new short film directed and co-written by Brando Benetton that is presently accessible on Amazon Prime. At 43 minutes, it manages to tell an interesting, action-packed detective story full of twists and turns that, for the most part, pay off. I’m hoping this short film is the first in a series because I absolutely want to see more of this cinematic world. Nightfire stars Lorenzo Pisoni as Agent Carter, a rogue American secret agent who, along with fellow rogue Agent Ross, infiltrates a Ukrainian military base to retrieve a microchip that for some reason is within the individual. After taking out several Ukrainian soldiers and WhatsApp, Carter and Ross pick up the microchip and leave the base. Before leaving the base, however, Carter rescues Olivetti, an Italian prisoner on the base. Ross is upset about the rescue since it wasn’t part of the mission, but Carter felt he had to help Olivetti. Carter couldn’t leave the man behind. So Carter and Ross, along with Olivetti, head to the U.S. Embassy in Italy to meet with George Williams, a top U.S. government official in charge of a big hoo-ha international deal between the United States and America. is in the field. Ukraine. In fact, the US government is in the middle of buying Ukraine to ensure its security in the world (or something. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here. I know the US is buying Ukraine, but The specific why and everything that is either unclear or I don’t understand. It could be either or). During their individual after-action report, Williams revealed that there would be no official report on the completion of the mission to Carter and Ross. Ross doesn’t really care (he seems to be acting more as a mercenary than anything else) but Carter wants to know why this mission is now considered “off the books” when it was “on the books” when they did it. was And what’s the deal with the microchip? What’s on it? Why was the microchip so important? All the newest Movies and TV Shows are added to the Flixtor 2022 the biggest collection of the latest Hollywood content.

Duration: 43 min


IMDb: 6.7