Day Shift 2022

Day Shift 2022, directed by newcomer J.J. Perry and co-produced by Chad Stahelski (director of the John Wick flicks), feels like a picture that was intended to be one thing but evolved into something another. With additional time, it had evolved into a thing. It is co-written by Shay Hatten, 28, who has previously collaborated on three Zack Snyder films as well as other projects in the John Wick franchise. He is most likely responsible for Day Shift’s complex world-building, including evidence that the film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter may be real to this universe and about vampire factions. This is a lengthy performance dump. Though set in modern-day San Fernando Valley, the oversaturated cinematography, buddy comedy humor, and an appearance by Peter Stormare may remind audiences of ’90s action flicks. The storyline of Day Shift is tied together with extensive knowledge not just of the vampires that freely wander among us, but also of the union that governs working-class hunters like Fox’s Bud Jablonski. The best thing you can search with Flixtor Films is that trending TV Shows, here you will get all episodes of particular series in one place.

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.2