White Elephant 2022

A former marine enforcer must fight with his code of conscience and honor when he is forced to do something for the mob. Filmed in the Georgia area in 2021, White Elephant 2022 reunites Jesse V. Johnson and Bruce Willis, who collaborated many years ago when Johnson was still double. Following his experience as a trick organizer, Johnson has produced and coordinated nearly two dozen films produced by Ultimate Action Movies, consolidating his presence in the contemporary action film. Whether it’s honor versus humiliation, as in the package, or Western versus Eastern combat techniques, such as Triple Threat, Johnson excels in his films, taking advantage of the pressure between limited powers and beliefs. What is worth noting about the White Elephant is the means by which the film struggles and applies it to the characters’ inner workings as well as externally. Latest and trending Flixtor TV Series all episodes are available to watch online free of cost and in HD audio-video quality.

Duration: 92 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.2