Hatching 2022

Twelve-year-old Tinja (Siiri Solalinna) seems to have been raised as a supporter of her mother’s video blog, Lovely Everyday Life. Tinja, her younger brother Matias (Oiva Ollila), and their parents just like their mother (Sophia Heikkilä) and father (Jani Volanen) make their entire lives available to an online audience. Mom often posts videos about her entire family and her entire home, and she lists the whole family in order to maintain the true illusion she wants to project. She may be performing for a large, productive audience. Or maybe she’s trying to make a dent in an area of ​​influence that makes her barely noticeable. Possibly she is just looking at her own idea of ​​an ideal life and trying to pass that idea on to others. Bergholam keeps the blog off the screen, and its readers and their response are left to the imagination of the audience. The abstraction is part of the film’s horror, and part of its insight: the followers rule the mother’s life, and through her, they rule the three. But he is a faceless, shapeless entity for Tinja, so he is invisible to the audience. Do you like to watch web series? Herewith the Flixtor TV Series genre, you can get all episodes in HD quality of trending web shows.

Duration: 86 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.8