Last Night in Soho 2021

Telling the experiences of a designer who can travel through time, Last Night in Soho was a horror and drama production that was released in 2021 as Last Night in Soho. In Soho, Last Night, directed by Edgar Wright, tells the story of Eloise’s passion for fashion inflicted on her. Having a great design talent, Eloise also has the ability to travel in time. For her passion for fashion, she travels to different parts of time and gets inspired by the clothes of the period.

In Last Night in Soho, Eloise has the idea that she should go to 1966 London. During this period, she met and started a relationship with Jack, one of her favorite singers. As he lives in London in 1966, he will understand better that it is not the period he imagined. In fact, although his ability is time travel, he does this by entering another person’s body. This special power suddenly finds itself in the body of a singer named Sandie, one of the iconic characters of that period. Eloise, who has experienced such a situation for the first time, decides to enjoy the event when she realizes the situation. Even if she does not believe in its reality at first. You can watch here free movies on flixtor streaming site.

Duration: 116 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.3