Three Thousand Years of Longing 2022

In Jinn’s final story, he tells of Zefir, the young wife of a Turkish merchant, who was gifted the bottle after it was recovered in the mid-19th century. Zefir longs for knowledge, which Jinn provides in the form of literature, and perceives the world as Jinn does. Despite Jean’s growing love for Zefir, she becomes increasingly haunted by his presence. The genie offers to stay in her bottle whenever she wants, but Zefir instead wants to forget she ever met the genie, effectively imprisoning her once again. Jin’s final story takes Alithea to the point where she longs to love Jin and herself. Later, both Jean and Alithea moved to London together. One day, Alithea discovers that Gene is slowly weakening due to cell tower and satellite transmission effects. Using her third and final wish, after using the second to make the terminally ill Jeanne speak again, Alithea manages to free Jeanne, so she is able to return to the “Realm of Dajin”. goes Although hoping never to see her again, the now-healthy Jinn visits Alithea three years later and periodically after that. Best and perfectly designed Flixtor Free Movies website and crossed many of its milestones, with the help of your love and affection towards our platform.

Duration: 108 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.8