Top Gun Maverick 2022

Three decades after the events of the previous film, Capt. Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell (Tom Cruise) is a U.S. Navy test pilot who has a purposefully deferred promotion in order to continue flying after 33 years of duty. Maverick intends to move the prototype to his Mac 10 Speed target before Rear Admiral Radm. Chester ‘Hammer’ Cain (Ed Harris) comes to shut down the hypersonic “Darkstar” Scramjet program and shift money to drone programs. Done. Maverick hits Mach 10 but decides to continue at high-hypersonic speeds, destroying the prototype. Although Cain wishes to field Maverick, he instead moves him to NAS North Island in order to acquire an exclusive cadre of top gun grads from Maverick’s friend and former opponent, Adm. Tom ‘Iceman’ Kazansky (Val Kilmer), a US citizen. Lt. Bradley ‘Rooster’ Bradshaw (Miles Teller) is one of them, the son of Maverick’s late closest friend and RIO Nick “Goose” Bradshaw. After so long you may find a platform on the internet named FlixtorMovies, here you can easily search for Your Favorite Movies.

Duration: 123 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 8.7