Wifelike 2022

Wifelike Robot or clone stories are perfect for low-budget sci-fi since they don’t require complex special effects to create the illusion. Consider Meredith (Elena Kampouris) from the huge new streaming film Wifelike. She is a clone robot hybrid, an artificial human made by the titular firm, which supplies “companions” for men who have lost their marriages. These programmable, customizable robots are imbued with features of actual people, yet it’s unclear how much of a woman’s personality can be transplanted into an artificial body. Meredith’s look, as well as the other companions shown in Wifelike, is realistic. If only the film made the world around them as convincing. The notion of camaraderie is immediately muddled by the film’s opening false advertising. They’re billed as both finely realistic sex dolls and treatment for overwhelming loss, which seems contradictory. Saathi does not appear sensitive enough to inspire the film’s catastrophic freedom movement. As a result, the objections do not appear to be sufficient to support a swarm of “agents” like William (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), whose duty it is to chase down renegade sex dolls like a low-rent Blade Runner. The Wifelike Company replaces William’s deceased wife with a Meredith automaton as a reward for his efforts. However, he offers it as an employee perk rather than a grief treatment. No need to search for new movies on the Internet now, directly visit FMovies and get the latest Hollywood films and TV Shows in front of you.

Duration: 105 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.0