Riley returns to Skid Row, which is filled with Diego’s men. She manages to kill several of them and finds Inman’s dead body. Using Inman’s phone, she contacts the media and reveals her situation, inviting both the media and the LAPD. She confronts Diego, holding him off long enough for the police to arrive. Thinking Carmichael outed him, he shoots Carmichael and runs, only to be beaten by Riley. Beltran and the police arrive at the scene and Beltran assures Riley that this time Diego will be brought to justice but Riley is not convinced as the justice system failed him last time. With Riley’s resolve waning and no chance of escape, Diego taunts Riley, believing that she can no longer kill him and that she will spend more time in prison than he does. However, Riley says they won’t go to jail and – as promised – shoots Diego in the face. Some policemen immediately opened fire on her but she managed to escape. Beltran finds her gravely injured at her family’s gravestone and is brought to the hospital despite Riley’s expressed wish to die. Beltran later visits him, tells him that there are people who agree with what he did, and slips him the key to his handcuffs, allowing Riley to escape again. The brand FMovies is the platform that don’t require any intro, enjoy all-new films online here.

Duration: 101 min

Quality: HD

IMDb: 6.4