Plane 2023

It looks like a normal work day for pilot Brody Torrance (Gerard Butler). as he and his co-pilot Samuel Daley (Yosan An) plan a flight from Singapore to Tokyo. A storm declared for the way gives him a headache. But somehow it will all work out. At least he thought so. Instead, lightning strikes the machine, causing all electronics to fail. Both have only a few minutes to bring themselves and the passengers. Including convicted murderer Louis Gaspar (Mike Colter) – back alive. At the last second they miraculously succeed and end up on an island. But this is where the real feat begins. As a rescue team led by Dr. Scarsdale (Tony Goldwyn) does everything they can to find the missing machine, the victims are left fighting for their lives. Even if plane crashes are a fairly rare occurrence, planes are a very advantageous setting for creating suspense in movies. After all, those on board are often at the mercy of dangers and can only influence what happens to them to a very limited extent. They are also trapped in it and cannot leave it. Flixtor is a good website for watching free latest movies because it has an easy-to-use search tool and all categories.

Duration: 107 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.8