Poker Face 2022

Poker Face needs to divulge that second plot in “Poker Face 2022.” Because otherwise, it just ends up being a character study of some very poorly developed characters. When we know almost nothing about Jake’s friends. So that’s why the stories they tell don’t really make much sense. And that’s how we know nothing about Jake’s relationship with his wife, Nicole, the daughter of his deceased first wife. Here the subplot really resonates with the audience. At the end of this, around the hour mark, the last card is dealt. And Jake accepts. And what has he done as a trio of thieves plans to take his art collection? And here again, Nicole and Rebecca unexpectedly show up setting up a home invasion and hostage scenario. And here which needs to be started very soon here. If you feel so. So the audience would have had little time to realize how ridiculous it was to turn a poker show into some kind of James Bondish surveillance show. Watch Free Latest Hollywood Movies and TV shows On Flixtor Streaming without signup and membership.

Duration: 94 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.2