Rosaline 2022

If you are familiar with Romeo and Juliet. So you must have known Roslyn as the Capulet’s cousin. Who would have captured Romeo’s heart? But his non-response would have sent him into a depressive spin. , This Romeo has to be seen on the capulet ball. When he’s spying on Juliet instead. So the story of Rosaline Romeo and Juliet contains a footnote. And happens to be the irrepressibly charismatic Kaitlyn Dever in her fancy shoes.. and Mercutio’s description of Roslyn as a “girl with a tough heart”. Roslyn happens to be a warm, funny, and loving girl. She is in love with Romeo. Who used to break into her balcony for an illegal kiss. Only his nurse and his friend Paris know his secret. As a Capulet, she would not have been seen as a wife to a Montague. And her father is busy trying to arrange her marriage. It happens during one of these matchmaking sessions. Rather, he also doesn’t happen to stop his unfortunate meeting with Juliet. Roslyn’s heart breaks. When she finds out that her boyfriend has fallen for another. and plots to win her back from his innocent young cousin. Stream the latest Hollywood movies and TV series on the Flixtor streaming site for free without any signup.

Duration: 95 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.4