Section 8 2022

The several sections in Section 8—the conflict, the body shop, retaliation, incarceration, etc.—are all just arranged simply and one after the other. Even when the rest of his appearance deteriorates, Jake has an extraordinary amount of bad luck and manages it with a glum countenance that never changes throughout the entire film. When Section 8 opens, Jake and his commanding officer Tom Mason are just able to escape a Taliban ambush in Mosul. He returns home with his wife and son five years later. He works for his uncle Earl as a mechanic, but he doesn’t pay the rent. On the other hand, some quite dangerous people are trying to con Earl out of money for protection. Fresh and his crew arrive to collect, but after Jake beats them down and intervenes, they kill Jake’s family. Jake receives a life sentence for taking their revenge. It establishes Jake’s reputation as a combat hero, gives Mickey Rourke some brief screen time, introduces a wife and child who are only in the movie to perish, and gives Jake a justification for taking revenge. He murders Fresh, naturally in a strip club, so they can show some boobs. And as we all know, the courts prefer gangbangers to military heroes, so he is sentenced to life in prison. The website FMovies offers a completely free streaming option. It offers a wide variety of movies for online viewing.

Duration: 99 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.1