1923 S01E02

As the episode begins, the African panther that jumped Spencer Dutton at the end of Episode 1 is on him. But with a knife and quick thinking, she manages to escape. Sadly, Spencer’s friend and guide Kagiso isn’t so lucky. The panther tackles Kagiso, slitting his throat. In this, Spencer tries her best to save him. But by then it is too late. At their camp, Spencer clears a table. And a doctor is called to clean the deadly bacteria coming from a cat’s paw. He is injured but will survive. All the while it’s all about Spencer not being able to kill her boss, Nick. Nick knew that there was not one but two panthers. And this would have cost Kagiso his life. After an intense African night, we head back to Montana, to say the least. Jacob and John Dutton Sr. hear a gunshot. And they ride over it with their horse to find Jack. Sheep are floating on the hills. And their shepherds come to ride Jack to where he lies. But before they can, his Dutton relatives come to the rescue. Immediately, Jacob threatens to execute the sheep herders for their crimes. But first, he’s going to send his sheep to the reservation. Watch the 2023 Superhit movies and tv series On Flixtor Stream. You No need to register to watch films free of cost.

Duration: 48 min


TMDb: 8.4