1923 S01E04

Episode 4, titled ‘War and the Turquoise Tide’. It begins with Jacob Dutton and Elizabeth “Liz” Strafford cleaning up blood from the kitchen after treatment. In the attack on the Dutton family, the remaining members get injured. As Kara mourns the loss of her nephew, John Dutton Sr. However, her husband, Jacob, is revealed to be alive and ill from a gunshot wound. Kara talks with Zane Davis. And the latter keep Kara from holding onto hope for Jacob’s full recovery. However, Kara insists that she must hide Jacob’s survival for now. Later, Emma takes John’s body to the Dutton family cemetery. And with the help of other cowboys, she buries him there. Kara checks up on Elizabeth. Which survives even in an attack. Cara Elizabeth’s wound dressings change. While Jack watches Jacob. Meanwhile, Banner Creighton gathers the surviving Cowboys and plans his next move. He assumes that the male members of the family are dead. He decides to take the Duttons in an all-out war. However, he must first uplift an army and capital for the war. Therefore, Banner meets Donald Whitfield. Who happens to be a wealthy businessman based in Montana. who is interested in the land of the Dutton family. You can freely access 1000s of series here, including movies on Flixtor Stream Website. Watch the latest 2023 Films and series in HD Without any membership.

Duration: 55 min


TMDb: 9.1