Love & Death S01 E03

In “Love & Death” Episode 3, Betty sensed a form of cell development, although the medical staff assured her that it was not malignant in nature. Betty seemed disappointed when the physicians informed her she was well and continued to see several medical professionals in the hopes that one of them would inform her that her condition was critical. Betty may have desired attention at this time or felt devalued when her assertions were disproved by medical professionals. Around this time, Candy visited Betty to see how she was doing. Betty most likely felt something between her husband and Candy for the first time at that point. When Betty entered the home, she overheard Allan speaking to Candy through Candy’s window. Their body language was peculiar, and there was an air of tension and anxiety that led Betty to question the devotion of her husband. Browse new Hollywood series on Flixtor Full Movies website without any Signup.

Duration: 57 min


TMDb: 7.6