Love & Death S01E01

The first episode “Love & Death” opens inside a Wylie, Texas, home where we can see blood stains on the walls and the floor. Even though we are never made aware of the specifics, we can infer that something negative occurred there. We travel back in time two years to meet the members of a traditional Methodist neighborhood who had to bring their families to church. We frequently observe in these religious societies that they attempt to repress their own emotions and go against their own nature, only to fail in the end and come to the realization that religion was never intended to make someone feel constricted and confined. Religion was created to lead people and show them the way out of their current situation. However, via our own twisted interpretation, we managed to completely alter it and significantly reduce its breadth, giving the impression that progress and religion are incompatible. Candy made the decision to take action because she had become bored of thinking about what may happen if she and Allan got together. Candy made the decision to tell Allan how she was feeling in order to release the load after opening up to Sherry and Jackie. She came up to Allan one day and admitted she liked him and wouldn’t mind if they had an illicit relationship. Stream hit Hollywood series on Flixtor Movies website without any subscription.

Duration: 57 min