Love & Death S01E02

Things between Allan and Candy got pretty serious in the second episode of “Love & Death,” episode 2 as they both grew fond of one another. They could escape from their routine lives because of their secret relationship, which made them feel more alive. Candy felt good as Allan gave her the attention she desired because she was obviously the one who was more invested in the relationship. Candy and Allan had begun seeing each other rather frequently. Because they didn’t want anyone to find out about their relationship, they always slept at a hotel outside of the city. They had started to open up to one another and had grown quite at ease. They spoke about everything that came to mind, from marital issues to professional difficulties, because they knew it was a safe area and they wouldn’t be criticized for having certain feelings. Candy was relishing every minute of her time with Allan because she felt emancipated. She was sure that she wanted to continue the relationship and see Allan as frequently as she could. While Allan occasionally felt bad, his desire to be with Candy overrode all other considerations. Watch the new hit series on the Flixtor website without any hassle.

Duration: 57 min