Squid Game S01 E01

Song Ki-hun is no longer young, divorced, deep in debt and sitting on the neck of an old mother. Even the money won at the races does not linger in his hands for a long time, and one day he meets a mysterious stranger in the subway, who first offers to play a child’s game, and then gives Ki-hun a considerable amount and a business card. But the man’s joy will be replaced by despair when he learns that his ex-wife and new husband are going to take his daughter to America. He calls the number from his business card and becomes the latest member of secret survival games with a prize of $ 40 million. Among his comrades in misfortune are his childhood friend – a burned-out financier, a gangster, a terminally ill old man, a North Korean defector, an immigrant from Pakistan and many others desperate for money. You can watch free movies on FlixtorMovies website.

Duration: 61 mint min


TMDb: 9.3